click for larger version Ojii-chan ranshin, Rei-chan no kiki

(Grandpa's Insanity, Rei-chan in Jeopardy)

Original Air Date: 10-31-1992
Director: Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Animation Director: Akira Nakamura
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita


What's In This Episode?
Disguise Pen, Hikawa Jinja, Jiji, Kurozuishou, Nijizuishou, Phobos and Deimos, Rei's Grandfather, Seven Great Youma, Yuuichirou Kumada, Zoisite

Late at night at Hikawa Jinja, a young vagabond sleeps on the steps of the shrine. Meanwhile, Rei's grandfather sits on the roof of the shrine, gazing at the moon and thinking about how much he would love to have some dumplings and a cup of sake.

Zoisite suddenly appears in a swirl of rose petals and throws the Kurozuishou into the air. It begins glowing, and a Nijizuishou begins to emerge from Rei's grandfather's body. Clearly, he is the carrier of the indigo Nijizuishou, meaning that he is the reincarnated form of the youma Jiji. Because of his training, he is able to fight back against Zoisite, retaining the Nijizuishou and not transforming. He is extremely tired after this short battle, and Zoisite is very angry. Zoisite blasts him with a burst of energy, knocking him from the roof of the building.

The crows Phobos and Deimos begin attacking Zoisite, and Rei rushes to her grandfather's aid, asking what happened.

Suddenly, the vagabond on the shrine's stairs wakes up. As soon as he sees Rei, he instantly falls in love with her. He rushes over and introduces himself as Yuuichirou Kumada, begging to become an apprentice at the shrine.

In the Dark Kingdom's lair, Zoisite uses the Kurozuishou to display an image of Rei's grandfather. Laughing, he vows to take the Nijizuishou from him very soon.

Outside Hikawa Jinja, Rei tells Usagi, Makoto, and Ami that her grandfather has been acting very strange lately.

Inside, Rei's grandfather, who is wearing a cape, is training Yuuichirou. He flips through the air, swings on a rope, and lands on his feet. He then tells the young man to follow him. Yuuichirou does so, screaming the entire time. Unfortunately, the rope breaks and he falls! Rei's grandfather throws buckets of water on his head to attempt to wake him.

After seeing what is happening, Rei rushes to tell her grandfather to stop. Instead, he yells at Yuuichirou and calls him a disgrace to the shrine. Rei tells her friends who this newcomer is, then rushes to his aid. Her grandfather then tells her that training to become a shinto priest is tough work, and you can't do it with a soft attitude. He says that it is all about strength... and then begins sobbing uncontrollably. He says, "What am I to do? The only person who'll take over the shrine is you, my granddaughter! I am so alone!" She points out this behavior to her friends as evidence of how emotionally unstable her grandfather has been lately. They say that it's weird.

Yuuichirou stands up and says that it is not weird! It is only natural that the training be tough... he says that he will endure any kind of training.

Usagi is amused by Rei's grandfather, and he says that she is the only one who understands his jokes. Rei continues to scold him, saying that if he continues doing stupid things, everyone's trust in their shrine will be destroyed. Usagi tells her not to be so upset; she needs to have a little sense of fun. Rei angrily tells her that it is her shrine's problem, so Usagi can keep her nose out of it. She then shoves Usagi, causing her to fall and begin crying. Ami and Makoto then scold Usagi for crying over such a small thing, and Rei for shoving her in the first place.

Ami feels that if everyone is going to behave in such a way, she is better off at cram school. Makoto feels that she would be better off at kung fu practice, and both girls angrily leave. Rei feels like her friends are leaving her in a time of crisis.

Later, Yuuichirou goes to talk to Rei about her grandfather. She says, "The weather changes easily in the autumn. The biorhythm of the body and mind tend to become disturbed more easily." He thinks that once the weather settles down, her grandfather's emotions may settle down as well. He also thinks that they should give him some more time to see how he behaves. Rei laughs and says, "You seem like you'll be more dependable than you look. Girlfriends are on good. They say they're your friends, but when you really need them, they're so uncaring."

Usagi is secretly spying on Rei from behind a tree. She decides to be "their cupid," and Luna warns her that if she sticks her nose where it doesn't belong again, Rei will hate her even more. Usagi interprets it as her way to patch things up with Rei.

Usagi then pulls out her disguise pen. Luna panics, telling her not to use the disguise pen for something like this, but she doesn't listen. She quickly transforms herself into a "fortune-teller of love," and walks over to Yuuichirou and Rei to "tell their fortune." She tells them, "If the two of you kiss right now, your love will come true!"

Yuuichirou begins to blush, and Rei angrily leads him away before coming back to yell at Usagi... she could see through the disguise. Rei reminds her that she is currently dating Mamoru, and says that she will never talk to Usagi again! Of course, Usagi begins to cry as Rei storms away.

At Usagi's house later, she is very upset that Rei is mad at her. Luna reminds her that although Rei gets mad easily, she also forgets easily. Usagi is still upset, although Luna tries to encourage her. Luna then begins eating rice cakes, which she says are delicious. Usagi says that she can't possibly think of rice cakes at a time like this, but she eventually decides to eat one... and it immediately cheers her up!

Usagi decides to take some of the rice cakes to Rei. Luna warns her that it may just make Rei mad again, but she decides to do it anyway.

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At Hikawa Jinja, Yuuichirou continues his intense training, all the while thinking about Rei. Unfortunately, he crashes into a tree and falls to the ground. But that does not deter him!

Meanwhile, Rei takes a bath and thinks about her grandfather, wondering if his erratic behavior really is related to the weather.

Suddenly, Zoisite appears and confronts her grandfather. When Zoisite attacks, Rei immediately feels the aura of an evil spirit. Zoisite surrounds Rei's grandfather in a flurry of rose petals and uses the Kurozuishou to extract the indigo Nijizuishou from him. As the crystal is floating through the air towards him, a rose flies through the air and knocks the crystal to the ground. Tuxedo Kamen as appeared.

Because the Nijizuishou has been extracted, Rei's grandfather transforms into the youma Jiji. Zoisite tells him to attack Tuxedo Kamen, then laughs and collects the crystal for himself. Tuxedo Kamen calls him a coward for not fighting, then chases after Zoisite as he runs away. Tuxedo Kamen soon loses sight of the villain, but hears his voice taunting him.

Jiji sends a blast of energy in their direction, but soon turns around and sees Yuuichirou... who runs away as fast he can. He goes to get Rei, and when he flings open the door to her room, he accidentally sees her naked! He becomes embarrassed, though he quickly recovers and says this is no time to be worrying about that... there is a monster in the shrine!

Rei quickly gets dressed, only to find that Jiji is already in the hallway outside of her room. This time, both Rei and Yuuichirou run. Jiji blasts them with another burst of energy, and Yuuichirou tries to stand up to him... only to be knocked unconscious. Rei quickly uses the holy fire to ascertain that Jiji is actually her grandfather. The youma chases after her, then finally catches her and begins choking her. She figures out that he must have been a Nijizuishou carrier, and attempt to awaken some of the human spirit still inside him by reminding him that she is his granddaughter. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, and he soon attacks again, this time crushing a column behind her.

Usagi suddenly appears and throws a rice cake at Jiji, hitting him on the head and distracting him long enough for Rei to get away. She then quickly transforms into Sailor Moon. Rei thanks Sailor Moon for saving her, and Sailor Moon attempts to give her one of the rice cakes. Luna reminds her that this is not the best time to be discussing rice cakes, so she begins to use her Moon Tiara Action attack... until Rei stops her and tells her that the youma is her grandfather.

The girls finally understand that his sudden personality changes were a symptom of being a Nijizuishou carrier. They then begin to run away once again. Luna tells Rei to use an ofuda to try to mobilize the youma, and luckily, it works. The ofuda placed on his forehead stops him just long enough for Sailor Moon to use Moon Healing Escalation to heal him and cause him to revert back to human form. Rei rushes to her grandfather and hugs him.

Ami and Makoto suddenly bump into each other outside of the shrine. They both were on their way to talk to Rei about the events of the afternoon. Makoto says, "female friendships tend to break easily once cracked, so I thought they should repair things while it's still early." Ami completely agrees.

Inside the shrine, Usagi shares her rice cakes with Rei, her grandfather, and Yuuichirou. Yuuichirou asks where that "weird monster" went, and Rei's grandfather asks, "What weird monster?" Usagi starts to ask him about not remembering anything... until Rei quickly covers her mouth and asks Yuuichirou if he is sure he wasn't dreaming that there was a monster. He says that it didn't seem like a dream, but that it really doesn't matter.

Rei blushes and says, "Yuuichirou, you seem stupid and slow, but you're actually brave and kind, aren't you?" She then shocks everyone by kissing him on the cheek. He joyfully exclaims, "This is youth! I'm living my youth to the maximum right now!" Usagi teases her about falling in love with the young man, but Rei says that she has the wrong idea... that she only kissed him because she felt sorry for him due to her grandfather yelling at him all the time. Her grandfather then says, "Rei, I forbid you to marry the likes of Yuuichirou!" which only causes Usagi to tease more.

When Makoto and Ami enter the shrine grounds, they see that Usagi is being chased by Rei... who is being chased by Yuuichirou... who is being chased by Rei's grandfather. Makoto shrugs and says, "Rei and Usagi are back to being friends again." Ami says that there was nothing to worry about.