click for larger version Papillon was a youma who appeared in episode 042. Kunzite was attempting to find out Sailor Moon's true identity and trap her, as well as obtain the Ginzuishou. He managed to locate Katarina, a female police officer who worked for Interpol in England. Katarina was a close friend of Sailor V's, and Kunzite correctly suspected that Sailor V and Sailor Moon may be related in some way. He brainwashed Katarina into traveling to Tokyo in order to meet with Minako. Once there, Katarina begged Minako to let her meet the other Sailor Senshi, with the pretense of wanting to help them in their battle against the Dark Kingdom. Minako refused, saying that it was the problem of the Sailor Senshi. She then fled from the room. Kunzite became frustrated with the lack of response from Minako, so he caused Katarina to transform into her youma form, Papillon, and sent her to attack her friend.

click for larger version As Minako stood outside looking out over the water, Papillon suddenly appeared and attacked her. Although she was caught off guard, she managed to dodge the attack and transform into Sailor Venus, then user her own Crescent Beam attack against the youma. Papillon was surprised to learn that Minako was Sailor Venus, but because she knew her in the past, she was able to remember her strengths and weaknesses. Papillon attacked with dozens of glowing butterflies which swarmed around the Sailor Senshi, causing her intense pain. Sailor Venus soon figured out that the youma was actually Katarina, because she was still wearing a necklace that Minako gave her for her. Luckily, Usagi, Luna, and Artemis arrived on the scene. Luna and Artemis pushed Papillon over the guard rail and into the water, while Usagi used her disguise pen to transform into a sailor, allowing them a quick getaway in a speedboat. They escaped and hid on an empty luxury liner, but Papillon quickly caught up with them. Usagi was enraged by Katarina/Papillon's actions, so she transformed into Sailor Moon and attacked her with Moon Tiara Action. She was determined to get revenge on the youma for having broken Minako's heart. Sailor Venus intervened and begged Sailor Moon not to attack, saying, "Please save her! She was turned into a youma because of me. She knew I was a Sailor Senshi; that's why the Dark Kingdom used her. None of this is her fault!" Sailor Moon ultimately realized that this was the right thing to do, so she used Moon Healing Escalation to heal the youma, who then transformed back into Katarina. After recovering, Katarina hugged Sailor Venus and apologized for the pain she caused, and said that she never suspected that Minako had feelings for Alan.

Papillon's seiyuu was Yuko Mita.

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