click for larger version Oniwabandana was a youma who appeared in episode 043. Kunzite created her from the freelance tabloid journalist Nana Asahina, and she was able to freely transform between the two forms. Kunzite used her to investigate strange abnormal energy bursts which have been happening in the Dark Kingdom. After a few days of investigating, Oniwabandana showed Kunzite and Queen Beryl two photographs of the Sailor Senshi depicting Sailor Moon fighting against the other girls. She believed that the fighting was the source of the abnormal energy bursts, although Queen Beryl openly wondered if it was actual infighting or a trap. Kunzite was unsure as well, so Oniwabandana was given additional time to continue her investigation. After being given additional time, Oniwabandana immediately staged a robbery of Jewelry Osa-P in order to lure the Sailor Senshi onto the scene.

click for larger version Oniwabandana's plan worked, and Sailor Moon arrived on the scene to confront her. The other Senshi arrived soon after, and all five girls began a heated a argument while Oniwabandana quietly slipped away and transformed into Nana Asahina. She then leapt out of the shadows and began taking pictures of the girls. When she told them that she was a photojournalist for the sleazy tabloid "Surprise," Sailor Venus recognized the publication as one that would print anything, regardless of authenticity. Although Nana attempted to extract more information about the girls' fighting, they left without giving any details. The next day, while Naru told her friend Usagi about the previous night's robbery, Nana aggressively approached them and introduced herself, then began bombarding them with questions about Sailor Moon. Later, the Sailor Senshi went back to fighting. Soon, they stopped to discuss their plan - to pretend to fight in an attempt to get Sailor Moon into the enemy's lair. Artemis shared news of the mysterious reporter Nana Asahina: he said that she got very popular overnight and got huge scoops in every field. He suspected that she had been transformed into a youma, so the girls implemented the final stage of their plan.

Usagi and Luna visited Nana Asahina's condo to give her a note which she claimed Sailor Moon asked her to deliver. The note said, "I want to quit being a Sailor Senshi of love and justice. I don't want to fight with those other Senshi anymore. I want to make a shocking confession, so I will be waiting at the Juuban Cemetery at 11:00 PM tonight." Oniwabandana took the note to Kunzite, who felt that it was time to act. That night, they went to Juuban Cemetery at 11:00 PM and found Sailor Moon there waiting for them. Kunzite tried to get Sailor Moon to join the Dark Kingdom, but she refused. He attempted to lure her into their lair by telling her that Endymion could not move due to "certain circumstances," and that he would probably like it if she went to see him... although he would only take her to Endymion if she handed over the Ginzuishou. She assumed that Endymion was sick, and agreed to hand over the Ginzuishou only after seeing him.

click for larger version The other Sailor Senshi were hiding in the bushes the entire time, watching the Dark Kingdom agents fall for their trap. Oniwabandana ultimately heard them and alerted Kunzite, although Sailor Moon had no idea that her opponents knew of the trap. Kunzite opened a portal to the Dark Kingdom for her, but just as she peered in, Oniwabandana sent a ribbon flying at her. It wrapped around her throat and began choking her, and the youma demanded that she hand over the Ginzuishou lest she die on the spot. Although they knew this action was just a ploy to have them come out, the other Senshi quickly leapt onto the scene. Sailor Mars freed Sailor Moon by using Fire Soul to destroy the ribbon which was choking her. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus attempted to use a combined attack on Kunzite, but failed when he formed an invincible forcefield around himself and disappeared. Oniwabandana quickly began attacking Sailor Moon with a sword, but the sword broke when it stuck the Moon Stick, which Sailor Moon was using to defend herself. The youma became angrier than ever. She started chanting the word "ban" over and over again, and dozens of clones of herself appeared, threatening to chop the girls to pieces. Sailor Mercury quickly used Sab„o Spray to confuse the youma while Sailor Moon gave her speech. When the bubbles cleared, Sailor Mars used Fire Soul to reveal the true Oniwabandana. The clones disappeared. Sailor Moon then quickly used Moon Healing Escalation to heal the youma, causing her to transform back into Nana Asahina.

Oniwabandana's seiyuu was Miyako Endou.

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