Naoko Takeuchi Interview

Sailor Moon Season 1 Laserdisc

This interview appeared as extra material on the laserdisc for the first season. The video is from a VHS fansub.


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Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the blockbuster cartoon, "Sailor Moon," now speaks.

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Question: How did the original cartoon Sailor Moon originate?
Naoko: First I dres Sailor V for a girls comic magazine Run-Run (Happy), a special edition of the well-known monthly Nakayoshi (Good Pal). The story expanded into Sailor Moon, which began to appear regularly in the original Nakayoshi magazine.

Question: How do you feel about it's coming on TV?
Naoko: The characters I initially created just for fun... now speak and move. They look fresher and more vivid now. Even I was - and still am - excited watching it.

Question: Why sailor-suited warriors?
Naoko: Osano-san, editor of of the magazine company, suggested a sailor-suited warrior fighting for peace. And I liked the idea.

Question: Who is your favorite character?
Naoko: I personally like Tuxedo Kamen. Well... my type is a blunt, handsome guy with long slanted eyes. Especially neat if he looks good in a formal suit or tuxedo. Thus, I made him... the man the heroine will come to love.

Question: Umino-kun is pretty funny, isn't he?
Naoko: [laughing] Yes. Many characters in Sailor Moon are not very easy to draw. They wear complicated or loud costumes, for example. Bit I can draw Umino-kun in five seconds, without drafting. In this sense, I like him. Of course, I treasure him as much as the other characters.

Question: Are you thinking of making more characters such as Umino?
Naoko: Well, I had never created such a character before. He might be the only character of mine who's so simple and funny. Umino is supposed to be relatively handsome, though, without the glasses.

Question: As the original writer, how do you perceive the animated version?
Naoko: It is said to be very difficult to adapt an original story into an animated cartoon. But I feel the TV version has been very well made, just as I was hoping, including the colors and voice-overs. And the development of the stories is quite satisfying, just as I expected.

Question: We hear that you love SFX (special effects) movies!
Naoko: Yes, it would have been neat if I could make a story like the Power Rangers series - a girls' version - where the warriors go fighting upon the instructions from a Central Command Post. It didn't turn out that way, though. Of course, from this concept came Sailor Moon. I had wanted to use five girls as the fighting warriors.

Question: A message for the fans, please?
Naoko: As the creator, I have been looking forward to the season's premiere with great anticipation. Please enjoy watching the program every week. I'll also continue to draw the magazine version. Please support both versions of Sailor Moon.

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